NOW is the time for action!

A planning application for 220 residential units - 140 houses and 80 flats - on the site of Oxford Stadium has been submitted by agents Savills on behalf of the stadium owners.

The planning application also covers the demolition of the site. The public have until Sunday, May 5 to voice their objections – and the Save Our Stadium campaigners are urging the public to do so and have their say.

The stadium in Sandy Lane, Cowley staged its final greyhound meeting on December 29, 2012, having ceased staging speedway five years earlier in October 2007, the final year of operation for the Oxford Cheetahs.

Although the planning application could be seen as bad news, for campaigners it represents a chance to express their views and move things on.

The fear had been that stadium bosses Risk Capital Partners (owners of the Greyhound Racing Association), in conjunction with Galliard Homes, would sit on the application for several years, allowing the closed stadium to decay into a state of disrepair.

A couple of interested parties, including Irish entrepreneur Paschal Taggart, have expressed an interest in buying the stadium and re-opening both the speedway and greyhounds.

The stadium owners are after the maximum profit - provided by housing, rather than keeping the stadium as a going concern - but a failed application might possibly see them reconsider their options.

Details are at:

The stadium planning application can be found by entering the reference 13/00302/FUL into the keyword reference number field. 

Over 120 documents are online, and it is possible to leave a public comment on the website.  Alternatively, comments can be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oxford Speedway Supporters’ Club chairman Gavin Beckley said: “We believe Oxford City Council will be true to their word, and reject the application.

“However, it is important for the general public to show their feelings known; their support for the speedway and the stadium and their opposition to housing on the site.

“We also need to make sure our case is as strong and tight as possible, as there’s not only the initial planning application to consider, but also any following appeal by the stadium owners.

“A piece of recent good news is that the stadium has been nominated by the City Council as a possible heritage site in Oxford.

“Although this isn’t quite the same as the stadium being a listed building, it nevertheless strengthens any argument for the stadium remaining as a stadium.”

There is also a consultation period for the Oxford Stadium Heritage nomination, which expires on May 7.  Details are at:


Summary of what action to take from Save Oxford Stadium chairman Ian Sawyer:

Our campaign now needs to step up a gear. The present owners have put in a planning application to demolish the stadium and build 220 homes. This application has now been published for public comment

We all need to put in comments on this, to make sure the voices of all those wanting to save the stadium are heard loud and clear.

You can see the Oxford Mail report on this here:

The planning application itself is on the Oxford City Council website. Please go to this page: - accept the conditions, and then enter 13/00302/FUL as the search reference.

Comments on the application must be in before Sunday 5th May.

In order to put in a comment, you can simply email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or you can register a comment on the Oxford City Council website as above.

The more comments which are sent in, the better.  It is crucial that we make sure the Council turns down the application, and does so overwhelmingly, with the strongest reasons. It is likely that the applicants will appeal against refusal, and we will need to make sure the council has the strongest possible case to take to the appeal.

Please make your comments to the Council in your own words. If you only want to put in a brief comment, that is fine. Good points to make on the case for turning down the demolition and housing application:

* The huge sporting and community value of the Stadium
* The range of activities and facilities it provides (including karting, dance, motorcycle training, social facilities, as well as greyhound racing).
* More could be provided there, like the return of Speedway, if the facilities were operated to make the Stadium successful.
* The Stadium supported hundreds of jobs
* This site is zoned for recreation, not for housing.
* This site is not on the City Council list of sites suitable for housing

Thanks again for your support,

Best wishes,
Ian Sawyer, Chair Save Oxford Stadium